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                   THE 153 CRANKSHAFT BUILD

The 153 crank is probably twice as strong, if not stronger. the problem with
running to much more rpms, is that the front of the block is very weak. i
have arp main studs as well as head studs. should hold together pretty well.
i don't plan on twisting it any higher than 6000 rpm. the pistons are nylen
hypereutectic .030 over for a stock type 2.5
engine. the rods are crower 6 inch sportsman. comp ratio is 10.57 to 1. cam
is custom grind by schneider racing. have head machined for 7/16 screw in
studs , and am using big block chevy roller rockers. have an adapter being
made to run a 4.3 chev pick up tbi unit, and am going to adapt a pick up
type computer into the car as well. should allow me to get a chip burned for
better timing and fuel curves.