Part#10037373 - Electronic Distributor $341.90 This Pontiac 4 cylinder (151ci)  distributor represents the state-of-the-art in competition ignition systems  for Super Duty engines. It has a lightweight machined aluminum housing, a  hardened shaft, and a ground and hardened centrifugal advance cam. Its high-output  magnetic pickup will trigger GM Performance Parts heavy-duty ignition amplifier  P/N 10037378. This distributor uses a small diameter cap and rotor, and it  will clear most competition induction systems. A selection of advance springs  and bushings are included to allow you to tailor the spark curve. Technical  Notes: This distributor does not have a mechanical tach drive; use electronic  tachometer P/N 10038474. It is not equipped with a vacuum advance mechanism.  Use distributor cap P/N 10042755 and rotor P/N 10042757 for service. Refer  to this section for related heavy-duty ignition components.
Part #: 51061 87-88 4CYL ACCEL PERFORMANCE IGNITION COIL $ 44.95
Billet Pontiac 151 Super Duty, 4-cylinder, 151 cid - PN 8490
The ever popular Iron Duke 4-cylinder will perk up with accurate spark delivery. This distributor features a billet housing topped with a Rynite base and the race proven MSD magnetic pickup.
The half inch steel QPQ coated shaft is guided by two ball bearings for smooth operation at any rpm. Attached to the top of the shaft is an easy-to-adjust mechanical advance assembly and is supplied with different springs and stop bushings. A screw-down distributor cap and heavy duty rotor are supplied. An MSD Ignition Control must also be used msd also has ignitions & coils